Dr. Satish Mapara


GlobeApex Management Consultants (India & UAE)

Dr. Satish Mapara has 52 years of multifaceted /multi country work experience. His expertise spans several areas of general trading/oil/gas/ waste management apart from commercial shipping – insurance/finance apart from Global Supply Chain Management and Logistics and international management as explained above.

Globe Apex specializes in providing guidance on cost-effective solutions as Management Consultants through India / U.A.E. representatives to meet Clients’ businesses and commercial and viable objectives in global / local …

Shipping (Land, Sea, Air, Rail) – Commercial aspects Marine Insurance – Commercial aspects. Banking and Finance – Commercial aspects Supply chain and Value Chain Management Organizing seminars, conference, and workshops.

Advice and assistance

With smart business solutions through preparation of drafts MOAs / contracts and / or interpretations & recommendations of simple as well as complicated subject matters for resolution of any types of commercial disputes through following:

A. Arbitration / Conciliation / Mediation: (personally as Dr. Satish Mapara)

Int’l Arbitration- Conciliation -mediation- disputes’ resolution of any commercial contracts or subjects stated above or even for out of courts settlements out of India or any global – cross – country’ businesses.

To advise / guide on interpretation and recommendation if/as deemed necessary in:

Int’l trading activities re: banking & finance – L/C matters;

Project Finance / Bank guarantee / Standby L/C etc. / feasibility study / evaluation reports / performance bonds;

Matters relating to Commercial shipping / dry cargo and liquid cargo / different types of charter party and bill of lading disputes, cargo marine insurance and advising on compromised settlements thereof.

Hull & Machinery (H & M) as well as P & I (Protection and Indemnity) clubs’ Marine Insurance Policies apart from and general Average adjustment and apportionment of expenses for Actual Total Loss (A.T.L.) or Constructive Total Loss (C.T.L.) of vessels / aircrafts / rail / land related properties; Any cargo / property insurance – annual preventive covers or transportation of goods by land/sea/air/rail on door to door basis at global level.

Subject of restructuring several layers of any size organizations for making them either economically viable or making it competitive with thrust on profitability and / or debts and refinance / M & A / recoveries of bad & doubtful debts of any SMEs and multinationals;

Feasibility & Project Reports / evaluation of Business projects / finance requirements for short / long term duration.

C. Consulting and Counseling through daily/weekly monthly / quarterly / yearly retainership, Advisory Panel Consisting of Experts for following legal entities and/or topics in Organizing Indoor / Outdoor Training / Conference / Workshops directly & through close associates.


  • Accredited Arbitrator / Expert with D.I.A.C. (global body – Dubai International Arbitration Centre) and life Member of I.C.A. (Indian Council of Arbitration)
  • Accredited Mediator / Expert with E.M.A.C. (global body – Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre) D.I.F.C. (Dubai International Financial Center)
  • Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Laws
  • Fellow of N. M. Institute of Shipping – Mumbai (India)
  • Associate of Chartered Institute of Shipbrokers – U.K.
  • Doctorate in three major faculties i.e. Maritime Law & Ship Management, Marine Insurance & Finance / Banking

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