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Hala Kiwi

About Us

We give free vouchers to our customers in the off peak hours of the restaurant so that they enjoy their meal at a very good price. The kebab shop, cha cha chai are many of our participating restaurants.

What We Offer

Benefits to being on the halaKIWI platform

Attract customers: Approximately 50-80 customers per month (at off-peak hours!)
Complimentary social media photo-shoot on each sign-up, with zomato bloggers & Instagram influence rs
Your sign-up fees are spent on social media marketing for your restaurant!


in5 tech; Dubai Media City

30%-50% discount on your bill.

Unlimited discounts with no subscription payments.
Pay directly to the restaurants.

 Call Us: +971 5858 72250


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Little Italy RistoranteAED 06-50

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