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Hungry Hut - We Respect Your Hunger

A trip to the beach can cure a bad mood and so can Goan food… Almost 500 years ago, the Portuguese sailed to the East in search of exotic spices, and Goa, on the west coast of India, became their main settlement. The fiery food of the region mellowed to accommodate gentler European palates. Continental cuisine was enriched with a bouquet of spices as only the virtuosity of Goan cooks could achieve. This distinct culinary tradition and our age-old family recipes are now part of the rich new flavor of multicultural My Hungry Hut.


Goan food is distinctive from cuisines of other regions and this can be attributed to its rich and diverse cultural heritage. It's a potpourri of flavors: coconut, jaggery, cashew, and an endless variety of seafood.

Many Goan dishes like Prawn balchao and Sorpotel are well known and relished around the world.


Goan food has many similarities with Portuguese food and this is mainly because of Portuguese inhabitants who lived there for almost 450 years.

Goans didn't go after their prominent use of garlic in every dish but definitely latched on to their flair for bread-making. You'll see that Goans often swap their regular bowl of steamed rice with soft and warm bread. Spices, fish and coconut have dominated Goan food for centuries


In Goa… there's always some mystery hanging in the air, marked with character as if time has stopped… yet every day there's something changing… Likewise, My Hungry Hut brings something new to the dining experience every day!

What We Offer

  • All-Day Breakfast
  • Salads
  • Starters
  • Seafood
  • Meat & Chicken
  • Vegetarian
  • Rice & Biryani
  • Burgers, Steaks & Pastas
  • Desserts
  • Beverages



IT PLAZA Building G05 Dubai Silicon Oasis, Basement Parking Available

Tel: 04 266 7603



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