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Regent Global Trading

About Us

Regent Global Trading Co LLC (RGT) trades in Products in diverse Industries but always thrives for providing the customer not only with the Products but also with value-added end – to – end services. We have been successfully delivered high-end solutions for diverse industries.

We at Regent Global strongly believe that the world is changing at a fast pace, changing consumer demand and priorities will force companies to replace their traditional “Value for money” business model with a “Value for many” model, these forces are changing rapidly and bringing new competencies into play at half the life-cycle speed of the past decade.

What We Offer

In General Trade we deal with clients to offer them Products which would be General Commodity in nature but the ability to bundle it into a complete solution has become our key differentiator. Our list for the same include Products like:

  • Printing machinery & materials
  • Oilfield supplies
  • Chemicals
  • IT & electronics products
  • Medical supplies
  • Foodstuff
  • Sports goods
  • Telecom installation kits
  • Servers


Contact No. : 0508662201, 054-308 0910, 052-542 9022




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