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Rudransh Corp

About Us

Rudransh Corp. is founded by Tea enthusiasts who wanted to experience the best tea available in the world. It was this craving for the taste that became the motivation to form a Himalayan Nectar brand.

The Rudransh Corp. sources only premium tea from Nepal and India’s Himalayas tea farmers. Tea is ethically and organically farmed, exclusively grown and carefully produced which leaves the least environmental impact.

By doing so, Himalayan Nectar is committed to the promotion of tea pleasure in a sustainable and ecologically responsible manner. The Himalayan Nectar believes quality does have a price. However, the pleasure of drinking some of the world’s most exquisite teas is priceless. By the adherence to these simple principles, Rudransh Corp. has been able to establish itself a unique position within the realm of premium teas.

What We Offer

  • Himalayan Nectar- Special Spring Green Tea
  • Himalayan Nectar – Spring Flush Black Tea
  • Himalayan Nectar – Classic Black Tea – 40G


Obedience Tower 406, Sector 82, Rampura
Gurgaon – 122004, Haryana, India

Mob : +919911230820


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