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Pakistan Cargo LLC

About Us

Cargo to Pakistan

We offer door to door cargo service from Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman to Pakistan

Cargo to Pakistan  is the leading provider of multi-carrier cost effective national freight services designed to suit the requirements of small, medium and large businesses in Sharjah. To provide a market leading solution demands a flexible, cost effective, smart solution which can be tailored to the individual needs of its clients. Cargo to Pakistan from Sharjah  is confident that this is achieved through the in-house designed advanced systems, and operationally through the supply partnerships with some of UAE’s leading freight providers.


Every aspect and type of freight can be handled through cargo to Pakistan, from overnight satchels, to carton freight, pallets, full and part loads, air freight and even international deliveries. The services section will detail specific information for each profile of freight.


Cost Benefits

Our Freight Services will provide customers the most cost effective method of distributing freight in Sharjah,Dubai and Ajman. The core services for our customers are  cargo to Pakistan from Sharjah, Cargo from Dubai to Pakistan, cargo to Pakistan from Ajman and Air cargo to Pakistan  as well. Through the volume buy rates held by us, ability to easily transact with multiple carriers, single dispatch software, and one-stop tracking, we are confident that any existing freight provider, broker, or consultant developed freight model can be reduced further to deliver greater savings.

What We Offer

Cargo to Pakistan From Sharjah Door to Door
Cargo to Pakistan from Dubai Door to Door
Cargo to Pakistan from Ajman Door to Door
Cargo to Pakistan from Abu Dhabi Door to Door
Door to Door Cargo to/from Pakistan 

Dismantling of Furniture service
Turnkey move service
Relocation service
The employer pays service


Call : 052-100 4818 
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