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Kalaripayattu Martial Art By Golden Star Karate

About Us

Kalaripayattu (sometimes shortened as Kalari) is an Indian martial art and fighting system that originated in Tamilakam. Some practitioners claim that it’s the oldest martial art in existence, with its origin dating back to the 3rd century BCE.

Build and enhance our system of martial arts. Provide the atmosphere of unity that extends out to our family and community. The goals of Karate training include self-defense, physical fitness, confidence, competition, and fun. Gichin Funakoshi, the founder of modern Karate, said “The ultimate aim of Karate lies not in victory nor defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants. 

Yoga improves many physical aspects of the body, including muscle tone. Taking part in yoga shapes lean, long muscles, and increases the bodies flexibility in the hamstrings, shoulders, back, and hips. Yoga also builds strength in the body because many yoga poses require the person to hold their own body weight, and some of the exercises involve moving slowly in and out of a pose.

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Near New lulu hypermarket, Behind Sana Fashion, Karama, Dubai.

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