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Zabeel Dates Dubai

About Us

Zabeel Dates are rich in nutrients with great benefits. Dates are easy to digest, do not exhaust the stomach, limit the feeling of hunger, calms nerves, contain proteins, vitamin-mineral salts, and carbohydrates. Dates are also free of cholesterol and fat. It contains the substance Selenium that strengthens the immunity and the antioxidants and amino acids. It also contains magnesium metal useful for bone health and potassium which is important for the heart and muscles.

What We Offer

Ajwa Dates
Ambera Dates
Barhi dates
Medjool Dates
Safawi Dates
Hayani Dates
Halawy Dates
Dayri Dates
Zahidi Dates
Khudri Dates


Office D17 Ras Alkhor Industrial Third Fresh Market
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Mob : 05 095 01550, 050-480 1550





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