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KW Group India

About Us

KW Group is visionaries, highly motivated people with a self commitment of re-defining the comfort, luxury and lifestyle of the society, started a mission of Krafting The World, by formulating a group and accordingly naming it ” KW Group “ and ever since its inception, KW group in true sense to its name, has been Krafting The World selflessly.

As KW group, we visualize our self as highly aspirant, dynamic, energetic, professional force, eager to scale altitude “for touching heights” well beyond the imagination of even best of the prevailing market standards….., thus taking the world at our strides.

We conceive life style scripts, as we believe in offering a lifestyle to customer rather than flat/unit and then with continual passion & effort, translate the script in to a revolutionary concept, which facilitates us to develop unmatched master piece facility much more glorious than the glory of illusion, thereby taking passion, project and performance to a level where work starts speaking about our self, rather we talking about our work.

Come and listen this language of performance and luxury at any of our projects like residential facility “KW Srishti” . A new bench mark in the residential sector for the market to follow.

What We Offer

KW Blue Pearl
KW SrishtiRoyal Court
KWDelhi6 Engineers Park


B-97, Sec 63, Noida, India.


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