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About Us

The smells of Dukhoon identity and the heritage of traditions and memories enveloped in the longing of the unforgettable moments of its memorable moments, and its mixture has always been characterized by secrecy in its additional components that distinguish the people of every Emirati house in the past, and its users known from the wind of their essence when they leave the house.


We are in the Shmoukh perfumes, one of the makers and developers of Emirati perfume over the years. We have come to a new kind of perfume in the form of an exceptional blend of colored incense that enters the aroma of joy for users in addition to its various and advanced properties where we mixed ancestral heritage with advanced technology.


When it comes to choosing the suitable fragrance to stick in your memories, then your long search journey has just started… We, in Shmoukh Perfumes, help you find such fragrances which stick into your fragrance notes. Due to the passion of the owners of the trademark (Shmoukh) for perfumes and due to their interest in the specialized international courses in formation and manufacturing of fragrance; the most important of them is the accredited international certificate as an accredited international trainer from the French city of Fragnord; in addition to the experiments in the special laboratories.


Our passion knew no limits. We have extended our search journeys for the fragrance ingredients and the rare extractions from each and every country; we have chosen the best extractions as well as the distinctive fragrance ingredients. Moreover, we have concentrated on choosing the best and most splendid ingredients; it is the reason behind the luxuriousness of perfumes and products under our trademark (Shmoukh). Behind each drop of perfumes, there is a passion and creativity story which can touch your feelings. Each drop from our fragrance tells a story on how did we created it with love. Our perfumes are not like any other perfumes; they are special perfumes enhanced with distinctive touches that go in line with Niche Perfumes. They are always produced in limited quantities due to the rarity of the ingredients used and added in the formation of perfumes. This is a special invitation to know more about our passion in manufacturing perfumes under the trademark (Shmoukh) through smelling their fragrance notes which you can find in our branches, stores or through our website:

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us on: 600 50 2008


What We Offer

  1. Perfumes
  2. Dkhoon & Oud
  3. Special Collection
  4. Air Fresh
  5. Hair & Body Mist
  6. Blends Oil & Misk


144 Al Wuheida St - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Call Us :0521538118, 054-451 2789, 04-264 1600, Al Ain : 03-766 6060, Fujairah : 09-222 2060

WhatsApp : 056 362 2644 

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