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About Us

We often hear people say – “Bombay isn't just a big city, it's an emotion…”. Well, a lot of the emotion one feels stems from its exotic and rich food palette. So how did this metamorphosis of spicy fusions, unique blend of old and new flavors and adaptation to new cuisines come through? As wave after wave of immigrants from all over the country came with dreams of gold in their eyes, they brought their culinary treasures with them. The result? A potpourri of cooking styles and street food that not only reflect our diversity but also leave us wondering where, to begin with... our plates are usually overflowing with varied Indian assorted flavors. From socializing to festivals to even journeys, our days just revolve around food and frankly, our options are endless. Bombay runs on two fuels primarily – Food and Cinema! We are inspired by the very two sentiments thus we call ourselves - The Bombay Talkies. We are a quick-service, casual and chic restaurant that promises to give your taste buds a sensory overload with our version of the real taste of Bombay!

What We Offer

Our menu has been meticulously crafted as an ode to authentic culinary traditions and offers a blend of progressive Indian, European and Arabic concoctions. The ambiance is friendly and contemporary and the sole idea is to treat yourself to an Avant-Garde dining experience.


Phone : 045915911 / 0564444043
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Location : Dubai National Insurance Building - Port Saeed - Deira - Dubai
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