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Laycos Network S.L.

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About Us

Laycos Network S.L. organizes your projects, communications and works all in one place! We offer you everything you need in one single application, available in English, Spanish, Dutch, and Portugues. Our goal is to connect people in your organization so they can work together and share great ideas.

Create, start and finish all your work in one Tool. See who’s working on what and when 24 hours. You only need to enter Laycos to see you're daily tasks without missing any communication, documents or team members. It will really change your productivity at work by 100%. Best Project Management Tool for Internal & external communications.
We will help you from the very beginning until the end of the services with a personal assistant.

What We Offer

Risk assessment
Security policy
Organization of information security
Asset management
Human resources security
Physical and environmental security
Communications and operations management
Access control
Information systems acquisition, development, and maintenance
Information security incident management
Business continuity management



Avenida Mayor José Ramírez Bethencourt, 12

Call : 900 363 834

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