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Pestman Pest Management & GCS

About Us

PESTMAN® PEST MANAGEMENT, A British Public Health Pest Control & Management Co. since 1986 founded by Dr. Walshe a Senior Scientist, who has devoted his life time in the Research and Development of Non-Hazardous advanced methodology of Pest Control involved in creating Pest Free Environment by ALARP ( As Low As Reasonable and Practicable usage of Pesticides) which is Non Hazardous to the Human Health and Environment.

Creating Pest Free Environment in an Environmental Friendly manner is a must in our Service Operations, We never expect our Operators to apply pesticides without Qualified Supervision. It is a Pestman® International Policy that each team of 3 members shall apply insecticides and pesticides under the Supervision of a Qualified Supervisor, who is Fully Trained and Certified by our UK Principles in the Safe Application of Pesticides and the applicable Advanced Methodology.

What We Offer

Anti Termite
Ship Sanitation Certification
HACCP Certification
De-Ratting Certification


Government Customs office Building #6&7, RAK
United Arab Emirates

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