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Al Qaser Honey & Herbs Tr LLC - Honey Bank UAE

About Us

We Sell 100% Pure, Raw & Unprocessed Honey Straight From The Hives. At honey Bank, you will get 100% pure honey because we prefer high-quality honey production. Honeycomb, Natural honey, organic honey and many more are available with 100% guarantee of purity. Hence, raw honey is an unpasteurized form of a commonly used honey, and it needs some filtration only. This factor increases its shelf-life.
HoneyBank is introducing several products of honey first time to provide different cure with different types of flowers, honey. Here is a fantastic output of Honey Bank research which is 100% Benefits to your life. Our most pure, tropical blossom nectar for versatile honey is unique that comes from different flowers, fruits and other exotic fields. It contains a fragrant finish and a brilliant amber sparkle.
Not only this, but we also always prefer our customer’s health. Therefore, you will find a variety of honey products like honey for men, honey for women, honey for kids, bone health, Honey for Weight loss and many more. Every product contains different health benefits according to its name because we know which flower nectar is suitable for specific health problems.

What We Offer

Raw Honey
Manuka Honey
Honey Comb
Honey Products
Combo Offer


PHONE : 0589998345 / 0567174383
Location: Sharjah, Ajman

Store 1 - Nesto Hypermarket Mushrif, Ajman
Store 2 - Hashim Hypermarket, Ajman
Store 3 - Nesto Hypermarket Muwielah, Sharjah
Store 4 - Nesto Hypermarket Butina, Sharjah
Store 5 - Kenz Hypermarket, Ajman
Store 6 - Nesto Hypermarket Al Tallah, Ajman
Store 7 - Coming Soon..


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