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A & B Aviation ME LLC

About Us

A&B Aviation ME LLC is committed to providing our customers with most cost effective and complete on demand aviation services. Our customers will be treated fairly and respectfully; we understand the importance of satisfying a customer. Our team is dedicated to attaining this mission using the skills, knowledge and commitment of all team members. We know that you, our esteemed clients are just as concerned about your costs as you are about the quality and standard of the services provided to you.

A&B Aviation ME LLC offers the following services:

  • Air Cargo Charters
  • Passenger Charters
  • Flight Support Services

    We provide chartered aircraft solutions, tailored to your specific cargo transport needs. Anywhere and anytime, worldwide. We understand the value and importance of air cargo charters in today´s global supply chains.

    We offer a variety of aircrafts for Cargo charters. We have successfully organized a number of charter flights using equipment ranging from small AN-12 to medium range IL-76, Airbus 300 to wide-bodied Boeing 747 to large heavyweights AN-124, AN-225 and even Helicopters in a few cases. Our unparalleled commitment to accommodate your every requirement from the size and weight of your cargo, origin and destination, to your preferred date and time of departure and arrival guarantees a charter service that exceeds your expectations.

    A&B Aviation Services delivers cost effective and reliable air Cargo charter solutions for the following:

    • Outsized and Project Cargo
    • Aerospace and Aviation Equipment
    • Humanitarian and Relief Cargo
    • Oil and Gas Equipment
    • Automotive Cargo
    • AOG
    • Telecommunication Equipment
    • Ad-hoc Charter Flights




    Our roster of passenger charters consists of corporate events, holiday charters, high-security VIP charters, as well as highly specialized Medevac charters that cater to in-flight medical needs. Our meticulously designed travel plans ensure that all arrangements are in place down to the last detail, so that your travel is comfortable, orderly, and on schedule.

    VIP Charters
    When you have heads of state, visiting dignitaries, or company executives traveling, there is an utmost need for confidentiality, security, and efficient service. We understand this, and that is why you can unhesitatingly trust us to take care of your exclusive guests. Whether it is select individuals or a large group of distinguished travelers, we leave no stone unturned to ensure their comfort, safety, and privacy.

    MEDEVAC Flights
    We maintain an outstanding team of dedicated professionals to manage and operate our fleet of Medevac aircraft. Each member of our medical team is well-trained with extensive experience in providing medical flight and air ambulance services, and is totally committed to the care and well-being of our patients. Our service-driven management team takes a special interest in this area of our operations and is dedicated to providing the highest level of care to every patient, just as if they were members of the same family.

    Corporate and Private Charters
    Whether it is a corporate event, a sponsored holiday, a grand wedding, or even a small group of people looking for luxury and seclusion, we can arrange your travel just the way you want it to be. Based on your inputs, we will put everything in place so that your travel is hassle-free and fun – just the way it should be!

What We Offer

Flight Supervision

Visa Arrangements

Immigration Support

VIP Logistical Support from Private Lounge to Limousine Service and Accommodation

Catering Services

Meet and Greet Services

Ground Transportation

Security Measures (Aircraft, Passengers and Crew)

Cargo and Baggage Handling


A&B Aviation ME LLC
904A Centurion Star Tower, Tower A Port Saeed, Deira, PO Box 40382
+971 4 2233776
+971 4 2288896




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